Seamax Global: Generations in the making…

Men displaying their catch of sturgeon

At the heart of Seamax Global is our founder, Mr. Max Astandoust, originally a veterinarian and now a successful seafood entrepreneur. His background in the seafood industry goes back several generations. Born along the shores of the Caspian Sea in the Pahlavi region, he grew up surrounded by nature and seafood in particular. Coming from a family deeply rooted to the sea and fishing, he developed a love for the seafood business which has become his very essence.

Mr. Max Astandoust, Seamax – Founder

It was along the Caspian Sea that Max’s maternal grandfather, Fatalioff Caviarchi, pioneered the modern technology for extracting

Mr. Fatalioff Caviarchi
Mr. Amad Astandoust
Eighteenth-century map of the Caspian Sea
Dr. Amin Keyvan
Cobitis Keyvani
Fishermen drag a fishnet from the sea

caviar from sturgeon. He became one of the most renowned fish experts in his time, earning the surname Caviarchi, meaning “caviar nobleman.” Indeed, the name became synonymous with the large-scale transformation of commercial sturgeon roe.

Max’s father, Amad Astandoust, continued the family’s legacy by cultivating Caspian-whitefish, a member of the sea bass family (locally referred as “Mahi Sefid”). In time, Astandoust became the largest producer of Caspian-whitefish in the region of Bandar-e Anzali and eventually operated 26 fish farms throughout the area. The surname reflects his fame as a fish farmer: ‘Astan’ relates to the Caspian provinces where fish farming is so common and ‘doust’ means a passionate person. Combining these terms, Astandoust, translates to a “passionate fish farmer.”

Max’s other relatives also contributed significantly to the fishing industry. His uncle, Dr. Amin Keyvan, distinguished himself by becoming one of the world’s legendary fish scientists. With the use of a unique breeding technology, he managed to develop an entirely new species of fish, the Cobitis keyvani.

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